About KnowNow

At KnowNow we bring together decades of experience working within legal conferences, publishing, marketing and advertising sectors. We intrinsically understand the need to balance change and commercial success. We are dedicated to providing up to date, independently researched information, events and consultancy which will enable you to stay in the know about industry regulation, new technologies and best practice. Let us help you understand and capitalise on the implications for your business.

What we stand for

At KnowNow we believe in sharing knowledge and information that will help build businesses and make them great. Business changes quickly these days. Our customers face challenges from industry disruption, new business models, technology, regulatory pressures and many other influences.

KnowNow delivers thought leadership that will help our network of companies handle these challenges, innovate and grow. We believe in the power of community and building strong networks who are not afraid to share what they know.

What we do

Conferences – KnowNow brings together experts and industry leaders to address and discuss key business issues. We work with niche communities in markets that are impacted by disruptive innovation and regulation. We can help ensure that our customers are equipped with all the most up to date thinking in their field.

Masterclass training – All companies have specific needs. Our network of professional trainers, subject matter experts and coaches can create tailored public and in-house training.

Consultancy services – We can help you make strategic business decisions, set up new products or revenue streams and deliver on ring fenced projects. We recognise that all businesses have specific aims and objectives. Therefore we can work closely with your team. By drawing upon our trouble shooting and coaching experience we can help tailor bespoke consultancy services that meet your organisational goals.

Event production and management – Many organisations use events to market their own services. We can help take the pain out of this process by finding the right venues, speakers and marketing plans for your business.

Who we are

my picAfter a successful twenty year career in the business information and events sector our founder, Paula Murphy, decided it was time to start a new kind of knowledge business. A business that is clearly focused on sharing information and helping niche communities deal with the ever-increasing need to understand the changing nature of business.

In previous roles as Publisher of Solicitors Journal and Managing Director of ARK Conferences Limited, Paula witnessed the professionalisation of compliance within the legal profession. She was instrumental in setting up the Legal Compliance Association.

She has a track record of launching and running award winning events. This is combined with a deep understanding of change management and company culture.


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