KnowNow Training. In-house training courses from KnowNow Limited.

Did you know about the KnowNow Training courses that we provide for the gambling industry? Furthermore we can also offer you a bespoke training solution to meet your organisations needs.

With an ever evolving regulatory landscape it is essential to adapt quickly, embrace new ways of working, engage with your customers and colleagues and respond quickly to regulatory change.

Now it is more important than ever to make sure that your team is up to date and equipped with the knowledge and skills to enable your business to adopt best practice and continue to thrive in these times and beyond.

KnowNow Training and conferences.

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Gambling Commission investigations – Essential Training with regulatory, white-collar and corporate crime solicitor Nicola O’Connor.

New from KnowNow! Essential training which will enable you and your staff to respond quickly and efficiently to the crucial initial stages of Gambling Commission investigations, internal investigations and law enforcement.

Gambling operators’ response to regulatory investigations and conduct of internal investigations, if handled poorly can result in costly enforcement action, and jeopardise your ability to continue to operate.  We are offering a masterclass for senior leadership to learn how to best manage risks during investigations and avoid sleepless nights!

KnowNow Limited

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Important announcement from KnowNow Ltd.

It seems like another lifetime but in January 2018 KnowNow Ltd held our first ever conference – Keeping Crime out of Gambling and Social Responsibility for Gambling Operators.
It was back in June 2017 Paula Murphy appointed Matthew Holley as the Sales and Marketing Director at KnowNow Ltd, the company she had recently founded. The rest is history as we built on the success of that 1st event and have held numerous events since.

Our first ever conference became our flagship event and in September 2022 we held this for the 5th time. This was also Paula’s last event for KnowNow as she has joined Mindway AI.

KnowNow Ltd

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New training from KnowNow with Jason Shiers – Hot Transfers – Carrying out effective customer interventions.

Don’t miss our essential new training course – Hot Transfers – Carrying out effective customer interventions. With the introduction of Identify, Act, Evaluate being introduced as a formal guidance under social responsibility code 3.4.3 gambling operators are now in a position where they have to be able to transfer players showing markers of harm in a ‘hot transfer’ to someone qualified to help.
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New Training from KnowNow – Carrying out Remote Customer Interactions.

Don’t miss our essential new training course – Carrying our Remote Customer Interactions. With the UK Gambling Commission recently publishing and then retracting its guidance regarding remote customer interactions this live and interactive virtual training will ensure that you and your team understand the new requirements and how to best implement them in your work.Carrying out Remote Customer Interactions - online training from KnowNow Limited

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