Coming out of lockdown as the goalposts keep moving

With lockdown restrictions easing we hand over to KnowNow MD Paula to look at the Gambling Commission guidelines introduced throughout and our Compliance and Player Protection training to help navigate your business through them.

Here we are coming into the summer months and slowly starting to emerge from lockdown. Bookies in England are opening their doors, casinos and bingo halls are preparing to do the same. What an absolute rollercoaster ride the last few months have been on so many levels.

Paula Murphy MD KnowNow Limited

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Your questions answered about our online training: Compliance and Player Protection in Times of Crisis

KnowNow have partnered with RightWay Compliance and Seventh Wave Training to bring you this interactive online training course.

This training started on the 30th June. But you can still join the course. Sign up today and we’ll send you all the previous session videos and hand outs which you can view before joining the live twice weekly sessions.

There has been a fair few changes and considerations during the International pandemic that mean those working in Compliance and Player Protection might need to bring in new ways of working and be aware of different regulatory guidelines.

This five week online training course is specifically designed to give you all of the knowledge and information you need to implement and maintain best practice in the new normal and beyond. 

Online Training: Compliance and Player Protection in times of crisis

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The new normal. What do we need to think about coming out of lockdown?

How can your business best navigate out of this current lockdown? On Sunday 10th May the government is likely to be making a statement on plans to start to ease lockdown.

With this is mind we are delighted to be partnering with MH+A, specialists in working with businesses on acutely challenging strategy, commercial and transformation programmes.

Over the coming weeks, together, we aim to provide you with advice and guidance in order to return into a safe and profitable new normal. KnowNow Limited working with the gambling industry through lockdown.

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Changing the compliance narrative

How do we get our commercial teams to work closely with player protection? How do we build it into the core of our business rather than simply seeing it as an annoying box to tick?
This will be discussed by a panel at our forthcoming Player Protection Forum. So we hand over to one of the panellists, Perrin Carey, to give his views on changing the compliance narrative.

Player Protection Forum from KnowNow Limited

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