What’s bugging our players and how do we best serve them? A Fireside Chat with IBAS.

We’ve got some great content lined up for you at our Player Protection Forum. A highlight promises to be a fireside chat with Robert Mabbett, Better Change (Gibraltar) Limited and Richard Hayler, Managing Director, Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS).

OK there won’t be a fire but this is one hot topic as they will be discussing what’s bugging our players and how do we best serve them?

Not giving too much away but read on for an idea of what to expect from this chat…

Player Protection Forum 2024

Putting People First. What’s bugging our players and how do we best serve them?

Don’t miss Rob and Richard as they delve into this complex question which has no easy answers. Expect to see the following areas tackled…

Does the act of bundling players complicate things? Each individual is different and – inevitably – different things trouble different people.

The way that gambling is increasingly talked about as inherently bad, by the media commentators, politicians, health service providers, religious leaders and so on. “If we can phase out smoking we can phase out gambling” was said by a public health speaker at a recent conference. Who has determined that should be a good thing?

Poor customer service. The standard varies sharply across the industry. It has improved in the past five years but there are still some issues.

Not explaining to customers why certain things are being done. In the main, players don’t understand AML or KYC regulations when asked for quite personal, quite intrusive documents.

Safer gambling interactions are awkward. They may be necessary, but some are agonisingly painful. These bug people in lots of ways.

Base affordability thresholds on the levels that generate complaints. Don’t do it based on arbitrary average disposable income levels. At what level of loss do people contact businesses/ADR providers or lawyers and say “this was just too much”. That’s the threshold.

Safer gambling tools may not necessarily always help a player. Can we do this differently/better?

Unclear/hidden terms in bonus offers continue to bug players.

Make customer service part of the process of launching new products. New products often correspond with spikes in complaints.

This promises to be a very insightful chat. Don’t miss this and other great presentations over the 2 days. Book your tickets today.

Player Protection Forum 2024
Robert Mabbett, Engagement Director, Better Change (Gibraltar) Limited.

What's bugging our players and how do we best serve them? Robert Mabbett, Better Change (Gibraltar) Limited

Richard Hayler, Managing Director, IBAS.

Richard Hayler, IBAS - What's bugging our players and how do we best serve them?


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