The All-Index, Why Data and Benchmarking is Crucial for Progress

We are delighted to welcome the All-in Diversity Project as a conference partner for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Gambling Industry. To give you an insight into their mission and the All-Index we hand over to co-founder Kelly Kehn:

First, let me say how inspired we are at All-in Diversity Project to read how much of our industry has taken an interest in Diversity & Inclusion in recent weeks.

Kelly Kehn All-in Diversity Project

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My slice of ICE – Was it really all pole dancing and body paint?

KnowNow Founder and MD, Paula Pusey attended ICE this week. Here’s her own slice of ICE…

The gambling industry is making headlines again and once again it seems to be for all the wrong reasons. I have spent the last couple of days at ICE and yes there were plenty of companies using promo girls to sell their wares. Yes there were plenty of men dressed in suits ogling girls who were barely dressed at all swinging around poles. Yet, this is nothing new – it happens every year at the event so why does it make the headlines now?

Paula Pusey MD KnowNow Limited

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