Manchester PR agency, Roland Dransfield, to present Improving the image of the Gambling industry.

The Gambling industry is in crisis, with political pressure, official censure and shattered public confidence knocking angrily at the door. Roland Dransfield’s most senior communications experts will share with you the key ingredients required for creating a positive communications strategy that cleans-up your reputation and boosts public perception in an age where authenticity and transparency are crucial.

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First speakers announced at conferences produced for gambling operators

Keeping Crime out of gambling and social responsibility for gambling operators

The pressure is on for gambling operators at the moment with so many compliance considerations. With the media fuelling negative public perceptions of the industry it is crucial that operators have all their bases covered.

That’s why we launched our conferences Keeping Crime out of Gambling and Social Responsibility for Gambling Operators.

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UK Gambling in the spotlight. Keeping Crime out of Gambling.

UK Gambling has been under the mainstream media spotlight recently. Recent coverage is unlikely to improve the image of an industry which many claim exploits vulnerable people in society.

So in timely fashion, KnowNow Limited have announced their forthcoming conference; Keeping Crime out of Gambling. This event will help your company manage compliance issues and avoid criminal activity through effective fraud prevention and anti-money-laundering strategies.

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Responsible gambling. Key for operators

You have probably heard a lot in the media recently about responsible gambling. Figures released by the Gambling Commission show that British Gamblers lost a record £13.8 Billion in the year ending September 2016. This figure includes an all-time high of £1.82 Billion lost on fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBT’s).

How confident are you that your social responsibility programme is protecting your customers from gambling-related harm?
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Gambling – An industry that preys on society’s vulnerable or a responsible leisure provider?

Gambling risk

There has been a lot of coverage in the mainstream media lately about the effects of problem gambling and the apparent lack of concern from the betting industry. With public perception being fueled by journalists, politicians and researchers alike, it really is time for operators to take note and ensure their social responsibility strategies are robust and visible. Promoting responsible gambling has to be at the top of the agenda.

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