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You have probably heard a lot in the media recently about responsible gambling. Figures released by the Gambling Commission show that British Gamblers lost a record £13.8 Billion in the year ending September 2016. This figure includes an all-time high of £1.82 Billion lost on fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBT’s).

How confident are you that your social responsibility programme is protecting your customers from gambling-related harm?

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The Gambling commission recently issued a record fine of £7.8 million to a major operator for failing vulnerable customers. Operators now have to take note and ensure their social responsibility strategies are robust and visible. With this in mind KnowNow Limited are running Social Responsibility for Gambling Operators alongside Keeping Crime out of Gambling. This essential 2 day conference is for compliance, player protection, lawyers, marketing and senior management at gambling operators with customers in the UK.

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Social Responsibility for Gambling Operators:
This event will help you to improve public opinion of your business and to manage issues surrounding problem gambling. In addition to highlighting changes to enforcement at the UK Gambling Commission the content will enable your business to create and implement a social responsibility program across all departments from compliance to marketing.

Encouraging responsible gambling is a more sustainable business option than having clients self exclude or close their accounts completely. Besides that it’s better for your business and public image to have a solid social responsibility programme in place.

For marketers the challenge is twofold. First of all you need to understand your customers and how, where and when they gamble and target them accordingly. Secondly you need to ensure you are driving play with responsible promotions that protect the young and vulnerable.

Matthew Holley of KnowNow Limited, said of the forthcoming event
‘It’s about spotting problem gambling. Operators need to get inside the mind of problem gamblers. This will help them notice problematic play and enable them to implement self exclusion and gambling management tools more effectively’.

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