UK Gambling in the spotlight. Keeping Crime out of Gambling.

UK Gambling has been under the mainstream media spotlight recently. Recent coverage is unlikely to improve the image of an industry which many claim exploits vulnerable people in society.

So in timely fashion, KnowNow Limited have announced their forthcoming conference; Keeping Crime out of Gambling. This event will help your company manage compliance issues and avoid criminal activity through effective fraud prevention and anti-money-laundering strategies.

KnowNow Limited Director Paula Pusey said of the forthcoming conference;

“There are so many compliance considerations for gambling operators at the moment. With new regulation coming into force, even more regulation on the horizon and the media fueling negative public perceptions of the industry it is so important that operators have all bases covered.”

UK Gambling roulette table

UK Gambling

Gambling operators who do not follow rules and regulations aimed at ensuring gambling is fair, safe and crime-free can expect regulatory action.

Rules from the Gambling Commission state that as a gambling operator you must:

  • Assess the risks of money laundering in your business, and show that you have effective policies and procedures in place.
  • Report any criminal investigations involving your company where it appears that measures to keep crime out of gambling have failed.
  • Impose terms and conditions to prevent your employees from taking advantage of suspicious or irregular betting patterns.

Keeping Crime out of Gambling will run alongside Social Responsibility for Gambling Operators to form an essential 2 day event for compliance, player protection, lawyers, marketing and senior management at gambling operators with customers in the UK.

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Paula concluded, “Gambling is a perfectly legitimate leisure activity enjoyed by many and a thriving business sector. We aim to help you keep it that way by making sure operators have the knowledge and tools they need to promote responsible gambling, keep criminal activity such as money laundering out and continue to prosper commercially. Join us in London in January for some great discussions and practical sessions.”


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