A Journey through the Player Protection Workshop

The Player Protection workshop on the 23rd of May will deliver a number of fundamental learning outcomes. A greater knowledge of regulatory expectations and how, as an operator you can ensure you meet and exceed these expectation is but one of these outcomes.
Here’s Ray Wilson, Director, AML Global Solutions Limited with an overview of the day.

Ray Wilson, Director AMLGS

By providing a greater understanding of your obligations and equipping employees with the skills to carry out their roles creates a greater compliance cultured workforce.

After introductions, the day will begin with invaluable key messages from the Chief Executive of the RGA, Wes Himes. Wes is keen to get across his views, expectations and provide updates on the current state of play.

Wes Himes RGA
We will then take a dive into the psychology behind problem gambling. The aim of this session is to equip attendees with a good level of understanding to enable them to get the most from it’s following sessions. Our clinical and consultancy specialists will walk attendees through a simplified breakdown of various scenarios, how problems are created, how they develop and how this effects individuals.

The gambling psychology session will lead us nicely into our red flags and markers of harm workshop. We will take attendees through the importance of early intervention and how as an industry we need to do more to identify and step in at the earliest opportunities. We will discuss early signs of problem gambling. How we can not only spot the signs, but deal with them in a way that supports your customers, meets regulatory standards and also ensures you do not disrupt the customer relationships.

Finally we will reach the pivotal part of the workshop, customer interactions. This session is designed to be very interactive. During the session attendees will be shown and guided through a simplistic yet thorough set of interactions. We’ll be using real life scenarios and the various outcomes and paths these can take. We will be equipping attendees with skills, conversation techniques and a sound understanding of how to undertake and implement an effective interaction process within your business.

We deliver these workshops on a weekly basis to operators across Europe. During the pilot of these workshops we had the regulators in attendance to view and feedback on the training and its learning outcomes so that we, as an organisation could ensure that operators will be meeting regulatory expectations.

May the 23rd is going to be interactive, insightful and invaluable for remote and retail. Book your tickets here.

Player Protection Forum and Workshop

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