Tracking affiliate activity.

Don’t miss Ian Sims, Founder of Rightlander at Responsible Marketing for Gambling Operators. Ian will be presenting; Tracking affiliate activity through self service monitoring systems.

Ian Sims Founder Rightlander - tracking affiliate activity

Tracking Affiliate Activity with Ian Sims, Founder, Rightlander.

Ian is an innovation leader with extensive experience in the iGaming sector as an affiliate for more than 15 years, before establishing Rightlander in 2017. 

Rightlander is a compliance tool designed to assist operators and affiliates, mainly within the iGaming space, in identifying content that does not adhere to standards or regulatory requirements. Currently it is used by some of the biggest names in the industry along with niche operators and affiliates.

View the full days agenda for Responsible Marketing for Gambing Operators here.

Responsible Marketing for Gambling Operators in London November 13th from KnowNow Limited

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