Introducing Hooyu – Sponsor for our 3rd Annual conference

We’re delighted to announce Hooyu as sponsor for our Social Responsibility for Gambling Operators and Keeping Crime out of Gambling conference.
hooyu - Experts in customer identity verification and fraud investigation.

Hooyu. Experts in customer identity verification and fraud investigation.

Knowing who customers are has always been an integral part of operators’ practices. In reality, the bigger focus is now on reducing gambling harm by detecting and acting when customers are at risk.  In fact, in the last three years, Gambling Commission fines for failing to protect players have grown by 1,100%.

As experts in customer on-boarding, KYC and enhanced due diligence, at HooYu we help operators to not just to know, but to understand their customers.

HooYu Identify.

Our Identity verification product, HooYu Identify is used by operators to create a smooth, easy customer onboarding experience. The HooYu customer journey uses customisable UI & UX tools to facilitate ID document validation, facial biometrics, address proofing and also enables customers to provide source of funds information where required.

HooYu Investigate.

Our intelligence and investigation platform, HooYu Investigate, compliments the onboarding and investigation process by helping the industry evolve from KYC to what we call UYC – Understand Your Customer.

If KYC is about identifying and confirming age and identity information, then UYC is about looking deeper, beyond the obvious to build intelligence on customers to make the best decisions on behalf of those customers to help prevent gambling harm.

This intelligence includes enabling operators to use their own internal customer data more effectively by updating, matching and linking it to the trillions of records in HooYu Investigate, this enables them to develop better player profiling techniques, including behavioural and demographic scoring that segments players to show risk of gambling harm.

Understanding customers also involves digging deeper into a player’s individual situation, this is done by consulting customer intelligence data sources. This shows operators negative financial indicators such as payday loan applications and County Court Judgements giving far greater insight into a player’s circumstance than existing KYC checks.

Another advantage of UYC is operators are able to use HooYu Investigate to perform network link analysis on their own player accounts to identify multiple account holders and relapsed self-excluded gamblers.

To find out more about how HooYu Identify can improve your player onboarding experience and how HooYu Investigate can provide you with intelligence to better understand your customers visit our website.

Meet the team from Hooyu at the 3rd Annual KnowNow conference.

KnowNow Social Responsibility for Gambling Operators and Keeping Crime out of Gambling - 22/23 January 2020


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