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Mindway AI is proud to be participating in the KnowNow Player Protection Forum 2023.

A spin-out of Aarhus University in Denmark, our award-winning solutions combine cutting edge thinking across the fields of neuroscience and artificial intelligence to empower gambling operators to enhance player protection.

We believe that understanding player behaviour and early detection of problematic play are central to a truly successful player protection strategy.

We have solutions running in over 40 regulatory jurisdictions, across 18 countries.

Mindway AI



Mindway AI.
GameScanner – Your virtual psychologist.

Identifying risky or problematic play can be complicated and time consuming. GameScanner from Mindway AI provides early and accurate detection through individual player profiling. We monitor your entire customer database 24 – 7 – 365.

GameScanner’s algorithm is trained to replicate the assessments of expert psychologists enabling you to:

  • Assess a detailed risk profile of every individual customer
  • Track the risk profile of your entire player database
  • Identify problematic play early and tailor interventions based on specific individual behaviours
  • Prioritise your RG workflow and allocate your resources more effectively
  • Evaluate your intervention strategy over time and evidence its effectiveness using player data

GameScanner considers a wide range of risk markers, including changes in frequency and intensity, amount spent and loss chasing to provide an accurate and differentiated assessment of the gambling patterns of your individual players. It also provides an open integration to other applications and gambling platforms.

GameScanner is currently tracking over 6.5 million players for the operators we work with.

Gamalyze – The un-biased self-test

Gamalyze is an award-winning self-test designed to identify key characteristics associated with problem gambling and gain true insight into player decision-making. Presented to the customer as a card game, it bypasses the self-evaluation bias in questionnaire-based tests.

While the game is played, the software uses validated neuroscience principles to analyse decision-making, generate a risk score and individualised insight to share with the player.

Versatile applications

Gamalyze can be applied in many different ways. Some examples are:

  • Publicly available on websites for customers to take the test anonymously
  • Available through customer accounts, providing operators with insights on their customers’ gambling behavior
  • As part of intervention, creating self-awareness at customer end and as a basis for conversation
  • For employee self-testing integrated in the gambling operator’s intranet
Find out more

Contact Rasmus Kjaergaard, CEO on +45 9330 2099 or Paula Murphy, Business Development Manager on +44 7425 979367.

Player Protection Forum 2023 from KnowNow Limited

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