Player Protection Forum. Sponsor announcement. Welcome nChain.

We are delighted to welcome nChain, the global leader in research and development of blockchain technology, as a sponsor at our Player Protection Forum.

Don’t miss their representative, Nick Hill on Day 1: The application of Blockchain technology in responsible gambling.

Player Protection Forum and Workshop 2022 from KnowNow Limited

Blockchain technology.

After 4 years of focusing on the research and development needed to drive enterprise application of the nascent blockchain technology, nChain started offering custom solutions and commercial applications to clients to serve their data integrity needs.

nChain blockchain technology

Leveraged by a portfolio of over 250 patent-pending or granted inventions, nChain today offers a suite of commercial products and services.


Kensei, their data integrity solution launched in July 2021, removes the development complexity associated with building on the blockchain so that enterprises, entrepreneurs, and developers can focus on their core offerings while seamlessly delivering the benefits of data integrity.  By providing tamper-evident references for data and computing, Kensei allows government and enterprise clients to verify the status of relevant data and make unauthorised editing of data easily detectable.

Taking advantage of the latest research inventions demanded by organisations, nChain recently partnered with Crucial Compliance, a provider of compliance and software solutions to the online gaming industry, to bring Kensei and data integrity to the online gaming industry.

Integration with Kensei will enhance Crucial Compliance’s existing Crucial Player Protection (“CPP”) system, which monitors player behaviour to ensure player protection from gambling-related harm.  By leveraging Kensei, CPP will offer a secure and cost-effective solution that creates an independently verifiable log of key actions and interactions, in line with the drive for data integrity from international regulators.

Kensei allows actors of the iGaming industry to reaffirm their commitment to responsible gaming and gain a competitive advantage.  The auditable and immutable record of timestamped data provided by the integration of Kensei allows a gaming operator to more easily and confidently reply to requests to prove they have discharged their responsibilities.  By simplifying access to commercial blockchain infrastructure and applications, Kensei also provides a tamper-proof evidence base for an operator to challenge alleged breaches of their license conditions or defend against litigation.

Nick Hill.

nChain are excited to be working with one of the most recognised experts in the field: Nick Hill.

Nick has more than 20 years’ experience in iGaming, having held senior positions as Head of eBusiness in UK and Ireland at Cable & Wireless Plc., COO at Interactive Gaming Holdings Plc (IGH), and Chief Commercial Officer at EveryMatrix, a B2B iGaming software provider.  Most recently, Nick joined nChain as Sales Director.

Nick is the founder of the gaming consultancy Premier Chain, which focuses on introducing the benefits of blockchain technology to enhance various aspects of the industry, including responsible gaming, anti-money laundering (AML), and know your customer (KYC) guidelines.  As a subject-matter expert for nChain, Nick has been instrumental in identifying the specific issues of the iGaming industry that can be solved using blockchain technologies.
Read Nick’s recent article: Yes, blockchain can help operators and players—even with responsible gaming.

Meet Nick at KnowNow’s Player Protection Forum, and learn more about what nChain brings to the future of responsible gambling.


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