KnowNow Limited and AMLGS

We’ve teamed up with AMLGS to bring you another essential event for the gambling industry. The Player Protection Forum and Workshop is a combination of learning, innovation and expert insight spread across two days. Read on to find out more about AMLGS and the partnership with KnowNow.

Player Protection Forum and Workshop

Introducing AMLGS.

AMLGS are dedicated to empowering Gambling Operator employees. They deliver bespoke financial crime and social responsibility training and consultancy services for some of the biggest operators.

AMLGS have experts from a variety of key backgrounds delivering industry leading programmes. With over 60 years of combined experience, each consultant also has their own fields of expertise. These include Gambling, Clinical Specialists, Organised and Financial Crime and multi sector Regulation to name but a few areas.

They use their team’s knowledge to bring together comprehensive training that operators need, to not only meet their regulatory requirements, but to better understand the trends and techniques as well hidden risks in the sector.

The training workshop on May 23rd 2019 will give all Remote and Retail Operators essential practical training in Player Protection. We all know how difficult identifying the early red flags of problem gambling can be, but also how difficult it is to conduct a successful customer interaction that meets the regulators expectations and minimises harm. This workshop will give attendees the skills and confidence to meet these requirements.

KnowNow and AMLGS.

The unique partnership between KnowNow Limited and, one of the leaders in Player Protection and Financial Crime consultancy for Gambling operators, AMLGS was formed initially to deliver the Player Protection event. This partnership will give operators the ability to receive key information from across the sector and essential training at the same time. The partnership ensures that, not only will operators now be informed on what to do, but also receive the skills on how to do it.

It is difficult for many operators to find the time to attend relevant events to help them carry out their roles effectively. This partnership, which will lead to a number of joint events across Europe is designed to give operators a comprehensive solution to training their employees.

The Player Protection Forum will look into the causes of problem gambling, current thinking about how to combat it both in terms of prevention and treatment. We’ll also be talking about creating a business culture that supports best practice. How to spot problems early and deal with them effectively. We will bring together key stakeholders from within and around the industry to provide practical advice on what the next steps need to be.

The Player Protection Workshop will see AMLGS and Player Protection experts deliver a full day workshop that will cover identifying red flags and customer interactions to name a few of the topics. For anybody wanting to increase their knowledge and develop skill-sets within Gambling Compliance and Player Protection, this partnership was created for you

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