Regulating blockchain and ICO

Welcome to Jean Paul Fabri, Managing Director, ARQ Group. JP joins our line up of speakers at Keeping Crime out of Gambling in January. He will be presenting Regulating Blockchain and ICO.

Regulating blockchain and ICO with Jean Paul Fabri, Managing Director, ARQ Group

Regulating blockchain and ICO. About JP Fabri.

JP is the Managing Director of ARQ Economic & Business Intelligence, a specialised unit that applies economics to consumers, firms and policy. He is currently the Lead Director on blockchain and cryptocurrency at ARQ Group and is a regular speaker and commentator on the nascent Blockchain industry in Malta. He is particularly interested in the design of token systems which are based on economic thinking.

JP is specialised in resilience-building strategies and has acted as advisor to 9 governments across 3 continents. Prior to joining ARQ Group he formed part of the private secretariat of the former Prime Minister and of the Governor of the Central Bank of Malta.

An economist by profession, JP followed post-graduate studies in economics and political economy at the University of Malta and the London School of Economics. He is also a certified blockchain strategy advisor. JP is also a visiting lecturer in economics at the University of Malta.

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Keeping Crime out of Gambling

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