Meeting Regulatory Requirements Workshop

Our forthcoming Meeting Regulatory Requirements, Malta event promises to be an essential combination of learning and practical training. But what will the Workshop on day 2 deliver to delegates? We caught up with Ray Wilson, Director, AMLGS to answer some questions about what the day will involve…

Meeting Regulatory Requirements, Malta - aml responsible gambling

Meeting Regulatory Requirements Workshop.

The workshop covers the key aspects of AML and Responsible Gambling and will provide essential training that can be passed onto relevant staff. From the basic understanding of SARs and STRs submission to conducting investigations we will deliver and in depth session for compliance professionals in the remote gaming industry. The second part of the workshop will cover responsible gambling and player Protection, specifically the markers of harm and successful customer interactions. The workshop will involve team tasks, scenarios, open forum discussions and will deliver key learning outcomes.

Ray Wilson, Director, AMLGS -Meeting Regulatory Requirements Workshop

What are the benefits of attending the training workshop?

The workshops give attendees an opportunity to enhance their understanding on the topics and also see how the skills and processes can work practically. For example, our workshops are very different to forums and conferences. All the attendees take part and because of the interactive style of our training, it increases not only the immediate learning but also an understanding of how attendees can use the training within their own organisation.

Can you give some more detail around the workshop format?

We always start our day with a breakdown of the learning outcomes, explaining to everyone in attendance exactly what they will get from the day, and then we go straight into a scenario or task. We are huge fans of practical learning; our trainers have years of experience in training the industry, from regulators and operators to law enforcement agencies. The feedback from our events and workshops has shown that attendees really enjoy and get great outcomes from this style of learning.

We get the attendees to work in groups to complete tasks. Having people from different backgrounds who work for different operators creates a real dynamic and open environment where everyone is discussing new methods and new ways of working. As trainers, it is really great to see people interacting and coming together to achieve a goal whilst enhancing their knowledge at the same time.

Is this workshop aimed at a specific employee such as an MLRO?

The workshop can be attended by anyone looking to increase their knowledge and understanding of the topics. Senior managers are our most common attendees; however, at our last workshop we had MLROs, VIP managers, RG team members, CEOs and members of the regulator all taking part so it really is for everyone. Some of the learning outcomes will be more relevant to senior managers as it will give them specific guidance on best practice to take back and implement within their business

What is the reason for delivering a workshop covering these topics?

We are working with a lot of operators in Malta and have a great relationship with the MGA. We consulted with our partners to find out what they wanted covered. Our last workshop was specific to responsible gambling and we had a great response. Most of our attendees are regular participants and we see them at all of our events. For this workshop in Malta, we wanted to tackle the subjects on everyones mind. With the focus of the regulator firmly on AML and RG, it was logical to offer a workshop that helps operators better understand their requirements and how to achieve them.

We will give attendees exactly what they have asked for and more importantly exactly what the regulator is expecting from them. From guiding attendees through adequate SAR/STR content and designing a best practice AML process, all the way to identifying the early signs of problem gambling and handling a regulator inspections. This workshop really will help attendees in meeting their compliance obligations.

Who will be delivering the training on the day?

Industry leading experts from a variety of backgrounds. For example, we like to use trainers that are directly working with operators and understand the complexities of their roles and how to help them. We use trainers from Law Enforcement Agencies, Financial Intelligence Units, Gambling Clinical Specialists and ex/current regulatory employees. We always ensure we have the training delivered by the best consultants available and with the most relevant skillset for the topic.

What makes this workshop a ‘must attend’ event?

If senior managers within online operators want to ensure they are meeting regulatory best practice and are doing it in a way that is operationally practical, then they need attend the workshop…it really is that simple. We don’t want people to attend to tick a box and to “appear compliant”. We want people to attend who are actually trying to improve their organisational compliance.

We work with over 70 different operators delivering their in-house compliance health checks, training and consultancy services. All of these operators work with us because they want to learn, they want to grow and they want to lead the way when it comes to AML and Responsible Gambling. This is why they attend every one of our workshops and this is why they are meeting the regulators standards. If employees within the industry want to learn and gain skills to help them within their organisation, they should attend and take part in the workshop.

How are the MGA involved in the event?

AMLGS have had a good working relationship with the MGA for some time and are really pleased to have key employees from their organisation joining the event. The MGA will be attending to give their expert insight and views on their expectations from their operators. Having the MGA contribute to the event is invaluable for attendees as it gives them an opportunity to hear directly what is required and receive training on how to achieve this. We are also keen to add that a number of other key regulatory and trade bodies also be in attendance.

Can I just attend this training and not the previous days conference?

Yes. However we would recommend attending both days as the learning and discussion on day one will complement the training. We design our programmes using this two day format. We have found from past events that delegates get more from this format of learning.

View the full agenda for both days and book your tickets here.

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