The new normal. What do we need to think about coming out of lockdown?

How can your business best navigate out of this current lockdown? On Sunday 10th May the government is likely to be making a statement on plans to start to ease lockdown.

With this is mind we are delighted to be partnering with MH+A, specialists in working with businesses on acutely challenging strategy, commercial and transformation programmes.

Over the coming weeks, together, we aim to provide you with advice and guidance in order to return into a safe and profitable new normal. KnowNow Limited working with the gambling industry through lockdown.

Lockdown timeline.

It has been well-trailed that this weekend Government in the UK will make a substantial statement on how and when it plans to ease lockdown.  It is likely that when he makes the announcement, scheduled for Sunday, the Prime Minister will describe different timelines and measures for different sectors. 

Timelines could be date-specific – as the Irish Government set out last week – or be linked to the five tests which Government has said must be met for lockdown measures to be eased.  It is very likely that Government will set out different, specific, expectations for different sectors including, for example, the way in which social distancing practices should be applied in retail, hospitality and office environments. 

It also seems likely that the path out of lockdown will be a long one.  Opinions and forecasts vary substantially. However there is a clear consensus that we could be operating in different, socially distant, ways for many months to come.  It is therefore also likely that customer behaviour, markets and businesses will change in enduring ways as a result of the pandemic: how remains to be seen – or shaped by innovators and leaders in different industries.

Whilst the Chancellor has this week confirmed that there will be no cliff-edge end to the ‘job retention’ furlough scheme – currently confirmed only through to the end of June – he has also indicated that as soon as lockdown measures are lifted  he will want to begin phasing out Government’s financial support for businesses given the substantial cost.  Businesses of all sizes will therefore need to take difficult decisions, prepare and implement robust plans to manage their way out of lockdown in the weeks and months to come.  

For those in the gambling industry there will be considerations around both office environments and changes to how we operate landbased venues as they are allowed to re-open. The need to protect customer and employee health and wellbeing will be front and centre in colleagues’ minds – as will the need to quickly reboot revenue in what could be a very different operating landscape. Social responsibility will need to remain at the heart of what we do and COVID-19 brings with it new considerations.

Watch this space for announcements following the Government advice on Sunday 10th May. For further information please contact the KnowNow team


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